What Happened to WatchSeries Online and What Is Its Current Domain

WatchSeries is a renowned brand in the world of TV and film fans who aren’t afraid to click off a few pop-up advertisements to stream free online content.

However, the website is currently unavailable.

What changed with WatchSeries on the internet?

The quick response is WatchSeries is being shut off the market due to copyright violation.

Let’s look at how and why this occurred and what other platforms you could consider the next time you’re planning to watch your favorite television show.

A Short Summary

  1. WatchSeries gives you a wider selection of content than streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
  2. The domain name that is currently being used has been changed to WatchSeriesHD.
  3. The domains previously owned by WatchSeries were shut down because of copyright violations.
  4. While it is popular for streaming, WatchSeries is prohibited in certain countries. If you want to access it to the service, a dependable VPN such as NordVPN is often employed.
  5. With NordVPN you are able to ensure online privacy by hiding your real IP address and your exact location.
  6. In just a single click, you will be able to install the VPN app on the device of your choice and connect effortlessly to servers in over 60 countries!
  7. Watch your favourite movies and TV shows while ensuring safety and security!

Take a look at our entire article for more details on this service. WatchSeries service and the alternatives.

What Happened to WatchSeries Online?

WatchSeries is a renowned streaming platform that allows you to or even watch TV and movies at no cost.

The site boasts a huge library of every kind of television shows that are worth binge watching such as documentaries, both old and new series, as well as Netflix specials, aswell an extensive selection of films of all genres including oldies, new releases or even anime.

In terms of content, WatchSeries offers more content than Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The only issue is that Watchseries as well as other similar websites like Flixtor are not legal.

WatchSeries does not pay for the right streaming every show that you can discover on the old site as well as the WatchSeries new website.

The website doesn’t host the information directly in its server however, it does provide links to servers of third parties which offer the same service. However, this doesn’t mean it less protected from copyright laws. This means that authorities have the power to shut it down.

WatchSeries New Domain

Because of the nature of WatchSeries’ operation it is frequently needed to hop between domains.

WatchSeries typically appears on a new domain after it has lost the previous one.

The most recent WatchSeries.to new domain I found has been changed to WatchSeriesHD.

It reloaded and opened each title I clicked with occasional pop-up ads.

WatchSeries Online Alternatives

In the event that WatchSeries is down, and any other alternative domain you’ve tried works it’s worth looking to a reliable WatchSeries.to alternative – at least until the site comes back up once more.

Here are a few of the top WatchSeries alternatives in operation.

123 Movies

The 123Movies site is a great WatchSeries alternative. If you’re in search of an unpaid streaming site that has a virtually unlimited selection of TV shows and movies.

The site broadcasts new shows which include Netflix specials as well as Amazon Prime exclusives, such as “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” and classic shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and the new episodes of “Total Bellas” and “Criminal Minds.”


Putlocker has a huge collection of TV shows as well as films from different genres, as well as the most recent releases, such as”Harry & Megyn,” a “Harry & Megyn” Netflix special.

The site is extremely user-friendly as it carefully divides the information into distinct categories.

You can search for content by genre, country, or kind of material (movies and TV programs) You can even filter content based on release year or year of release, as well as video quality.

Putlocker also has an Android application.


On Popcornflix there are famous shows such as “Friends,” cartoons like “Popeye The Sailor Man” and “Sonic the hedgehog,” and every action, horror, romance, drama or sci-fi movies you can imagine.

This website does not require registration, and you can quickly navigate to your favourite show or movie by using the search function.

If the website isn’t working You can always go to the YouTube channel of Popcornflix which has full-length classics such as “Prophet,” “Scarecrows,” and “Alcatraz Prison Escape.”

Please note that Popcornflix is available only in the US and a few other countries. In the event that you want to stream it in an area that is not within the scope of its service, you’ll need to utilize the help of a VPN. We’ve listed our top 5 VPNs to stream.


SolarMovie has a variety of entertaining TV and movies such as the classic and the new “Gossip Girl” series, “Chicago Med,” “The Resident,” and Netflix’s “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.”

The site allows you to browse content by category that includes everything from documentaries to animation, and science fiction-and includes a list with the most watched titles on high-up on the screen.

You can also locate the most recent television shows and films on the main page or by using our search feature to locate the specific movie.


Soap2Day is an extremely popular and streaming service that is free to use where you can stream a huge range of movies and TV shows.

It is streaming brand-new series such as “Adam Black,” “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” and “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” and there are a variety of current television shows such as “Wednesday,” “The Winchesters,” and “Willow” on the site.

The majority of the streams are HD and the website is completely ad-free.


FMovies is among the most stylish and modern websites that is available.

It broadcasts all HD titles including “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Uncharted,” and “Avatar: The Way of Water,” as also TV shows such as “Reginald the Vampire,” “Monarch,” and shows such as “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.”

Apart from separating content into categories, you can also look up TV and movies series by years, region, and genre.

The best part about FMovie is that it offers suggestions based on the content you’ve seen on the site.


Primewire is, perhaps the biggest rival for WatchSeries.

The site is constantly adding new movies and TV shows to its library that is constantly growing including “Wicked City,” “Unlock My Boss,” “Togo,” and “Christmas Bloody Christmas.”

You can search for films television shows, movies, and documentaries by genre as well as country, or sort them by year of release and quality.

Primewire also has an additional tab that provides the most rated IMDB titles.

Honorable Mentions

Watching pirated content on the internet is not likely to land you into trouble. It all depends on the location you live in and the laws of your country however, agencies generally are concerned with those who download or redistribute content on a massive scale, not the people who consume the content.

If you’re looking for a safe option, TubiTV and Vudu are good choices.

Disclosure: TubiTV and Vudu don’t provide new titles, and they have a limited library, as compared to other sites such as WatchSeries or Putlocker.


TubiTV is a totally legal and completely free website streaming TV and On-demand content.

The site provides films and TV shows of various genres, including horror and action, but you can also stream specific live TV channels such as Fox 13, NBC News NOW along with Bloomberg TV, as well as match replays from matches from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

If you’re looking for ideas look no further than our guide on what you should see on TubiTV.

TubiTV broadcasts contents from partners like Lionsgate and MGM and makes money by inserting advertisements into the streams.

The only issue is that the site mainly has older titles like “Orphan” and “Godzilla.”


Vudu is an online rental and purchase service and a streaming service on demand that provides a significant portion of its content for free cost.

The free content available is a bit limited and includes advertisements. If this is a problem there’s a solution which allows users to watch films or TV programs on Vudu without ads.

The free and paid content is well-organized into categories, making it easy to navigate around the site. it also has a handy search feature to find particular titles.

Contrary to TubiTV which doesn’t have to sign up for an account in order to access the free TV and movies, Vudu requires users to sign up in order to access the content.

Bottom Line

WatchSeries and the majority of its domains such as WatchEpisodeSeries are not working because of copyright violation. It seems that the website is jumping onto a new domain, but if it does go down yet again, there’s a lot of WatchSeries alternatives available.


Is it safe to download from WatchSeries?

Downloading/torrenting pirated or bootleg content is illegal and can put your device at risk. When you visit free websites like WatchSeries and others, it is recommended to utilize a reputable VPN.

How do I get WatchSeries unblocked?

There’s WatchSeries on a brand new domain. As of the writing time the only WatchSeries website that is accessible and operational is WatchSeriesHD.

What is the matter with WatchSeries on the internet?

WatchSeries was shut off the internet due to copyright infringement. However, it appears that it’s now at a different domain.

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