How To Block A Group Text On An Android Device

How To Block A Group Text On An Android Device? There’s that person who texts at all times, even when they have nothing to say. You can also receive bombarding notifications if the chat is still ongoing. For a group chat to be appropriate for children, it must be inoffensive and family-friendly. If anyone thinks that they want to get “barraged” by spam all the time, then they are wrong.

I find that my productivity improves when I turn off all social media apps. You can’t block messages that are sent by your friends in Google Groups.

It’s easy to block group chat notifications on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is click the down arrow next to a notification and choose whether to block it.

The texts remain in your default Android MMS/SMS app as unread. This article explains that removing yourself from a group chat on the stock Android Messages app or blocking the group conversation altogether is not possible, and that you cannot use any of the official methods to stop unwanted messages or conversations. You’ll also learn how to reduce the annoyance of group messages. We’re ready to roll!

How to Truly Block a Specific Group Text/Chat on an Android Phone

There’s usually something you can do to block the group chat/messages on Android, though in most situations, there isn’t. You can’t do it without the following criteria:

  • Your messaging app must not use a messaging app that you do not control or manage. That includes apps under a Family Link account for children, or a Verizon Smart Family profile.
  • You can’t have a third-party social app for messaging tied to your default mobile messaging app, like using the Meta Messenger app for SMS or WhatsApp.
  • You must have the ability to install a third-party app from the Play Store that you can set as your default messages app.

Textra SMS can be a great messaging app, one that can replace your default Android messaging app. If other requirements are met, you can block groups so that you do not receive the group messages that get sent.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Open the Textra SMS app. Tap Install.
  • The app will ask you to choose your default messaging app.
  • From the pop-up window, select Textra SMS.
  • You will see messages appear on your phone immediately. You can click the link or copy and paste the URL into your email or browser.
  • Open the group chat/message board directly.
  • Long-press the group in the main messages list to expand it, then long-press a message to view it.
  • Tap the downward arrow near the names/phone numbers at the top of the chat.
  • Tap the Blocklist button, and then select Blocked from the pop-up menu to block all incoming messages from this person.

By default, you will not see any messages sent from your group in Textra unless you specifically ask for them. If you go to your settings and unblock the group, any new messages in the group will appear.


‍How can I block a group text on an android device?

It’s easy. Go to your settings. Tap on the apps tab. Tap on the “app” that has the name of the person who sent the message. Then, tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Tap on the “settings” option. Select “blocked”. That’s it!

How do I unblock a group text on an Android device?

After you block a group text on an Android device, you can still send text messages to the group. You just won’t be able to receive any new messages from that group.

Why can’t I see the blocked text on my phone?

Your phone may be set to show only the most recent text messages. To change this setting, go to your settings again. Tap on the “apps” tab. Tap on the “app” that has the name of the person who sent the message. Then, tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Tap on the “settings” option. Tap on “read history”.


In conclusion, there isn’t any way to block group messages or chat in your default messaging app on Android, but there are third-party apps like Textra that get the job done. There are no laws or rules against this, and you won’t be breaking anything if you use this method. That’s a shame because I’ve found it to be the best messaging app for Android, but it just hasn’t supported group chats yet.

It’s also good to keep in mind that if you don’t want to receive messages or emails about something, then just turn off notifications for the entire group. You can then open the conversation and catch up later when you’re less busy. If you really want to be left out of the conversation, you can block the group chat. I can’t help you contact someone unless they send me a message or text.

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