How To Build A Base In Dayz

A popular survival shooting game, DayZ challenges players to survive hordes of zombies and other players. It is important to know how to build a base, since this is where you store all your loot and supplies. Players and zombies will have an easy time hunting you down without one.

You can learn how to build a base in DayZ if you read on. You can follow these steps on any platform. Also, we’ll have some suggestions for base locations.

How to Build a Base in DayZ on the Xbox

All platforms follow the same process for building bases. Unlike most games, DayZ starts you with few resources, much less a base to build. In order to begin crafting, you must roam around and scavenge items. You can build a base once you obtain enough resources and find the perfect location.

The steps for building a base are as follows:

Step One – Gathering Resources

The game mechanic of gathering resources is part of Dayz. However, you’ll need some specific resources if you want to build a base.

  1. Play DayZ for the first time or load one of your previously played games.
  2. X allows you to roam the world, foraging for resources and picking up items as you go.
  3. To check your resources, click “View” to open your inventory.

Resources to gather include:

  • The rags
  • The nails
  • The sticks

In general, you can find these resources in wooded areas and in existing structures. You start with some Rags, but everything else must be scavenged. You can also make Rope from Rags if you find scavenging too tedious.

For stronger fences, replace the wooden planks with three sheets of metal instead of two logs, 18 planks, and 36 nails. The metal fence gives you extra protection against incoming damage, as it takes longer to destroy it. If you don’t have a lot of resources, use metal fences in crucial points.

Step Two – Crafting Kits

Players can plot the perimeter of their new base using fence kits. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Two sticks and one rope are included in this craft fence kit.
  2. Usually found in farms and industrial areas, tools such as shovels, hammers, and hatchets can be located.
  3. Build your base in the area where you want to place your Fence Kits.

It is necessary to pick up Fence Kits every time you finish constructing a fence. You don’t need to craft another one unless you lose it. As a result, you get to save your Rope for other purposes.

Step Three – Constructing the Base

It’s time to build your haven now that you have the necessary components.

  1. A hatchet or axe can be used to cut down some trees.
  2. Return to your base with the logs.
  3. Place the logs near your fence kits.
  4. To build a foundation and erect fences, use a shovel.
  5. Make some planks and nails.
  6. Equip a Hammer or Hatchet and drop them near the fence posts.
  7. To craft the fence frames and coverings, press X.
  8. Once you have encircled the area, repeat the process.
  9. Create a gate from one of the fences using some pliers. For extra security, install locks on the gates if you can find them.
  10. You can finish your simple base by setting up a tent once you have walls around it.

The process of building a base takes a long time because you need to gather many resources before everything comes together. If you spend enough time and gather enough resources, you’ll eventually have a secure base.

How to Build a Base in DayZ on the PS4

You follow the same steps as you would on Xbox to build a base. There isn’t much difference between the two. To build a base in DayZ for PS4, follow these steps:

Step One – Gathering Resources

One of the most time-consuming parts of building a base is gathering the right resources. While exploring the world for other things, you can keep an eye out for your base materials.

  1. DayZ can be started or loaded.
  2. With the X button, you can pick up any resources you find.
  3. When you have enough to begin crafting, press “View” to open your inventory.

The following are the most important items to pick up:

  • The rags
  • The rope
  • The nails
  • The sticks

Many areas have them, including industrial areas, farms, and other buildings. Depending on your needs, rope can be found or crafted.

Step Two – Crafting Kits

In order to build a base, fence kits are essential. You will not be able to create the necessary perimeter to protect you and your belongings without fence kits.

  1. You can create a Fence Kit by combining one rope and two sticks in your inventory.

  2. Shovels, Hammers, Pliers, and Hatchets are essential tools. Farms and industrial areas contain these.

  3. The Fence Kits should be buried in the ground.

Fence Kits are reusable, which is great news for you. Pick them up when you’re done with your construction project, and you can use them again.

Step Three – Constructing the Base

You’ve found the perfect spot for your base and gathered the materials, so now it’s time to get started:

  1. Fell some trees with a hatchet or axe.
  2. The Logs should be brought back to your Fence Kits and placed next to them.
  3. Shovel the fences into place.
  4. Prepare some Planks and Nails and place them near the Logs and Fence Kits.
  5. You can build a fence by equipping your Hammer or Hatchet and pressing the X button.
  6. As needed, repeat.
  7. Pliers can be used to create gates for access. If you want to secure your base from intruders, find some locks and install them.
  8. Your base is now ready for looting.

How to Build a Base in DayZ in a House

You can bunker down in virtually any building by building a base inside it. Due to their inclusion on the map, buildings cannot be destroyed. You will be much more protected if you choose an excellent structure to build a base in than if you build a base outside.

When you spawn near a house or other building, try to get there as soon as possible. You should secure it as soon as possible.

To build a base in a house or building, follow these steps:

Step One – Get Some Resources

Even if you’re building inside a building, you’ll need the right resources to construct a base.

  1. Forage for resources around the world, including Rags, Sticks, and Nails. With the Interact button, you can pick up items.
  2. Open your inventory when you have enough resources.

Step Two – Crafting and Tool-Gathering

In this game, you cannot build anything without the right tools and kits. Fortifying an existing building requires both Fence Kits and specific tools.

  1. By combining two sticks and a rope, you can create fence kits.
  2. If you do not have the necessary tools, get them. A Hatchet or Axe and a Hammer are among the tools you’ll need.

Step Three – Fortification

Your new fortification project begins with gathering resources and crafting tools. It’s time to get to work. Let’s begin with the preliminary steps:

  1. You need to go to the building where you want to build a new base.
  2. Plan where fences should be placed after surveying the area.
  3. Fence Kits should be placed in areas that are less secure.
  4. A hatchet or axe can be used to cut down some trees.
  5. Your base should be able to accommodate the logs.

Erecting Fences

Let’s fence the perimeter of your new location to make it more secure:

  1. Place the logs near your fence kits.
  2. To build a foundation and erect fences, use a shovel.
  3. If you don’t have enough Planks and Nails, craft some.
  4. They should be dropped near the logs.
  5. A hammer or hatchet should be equipped.
  6. For the fence frames and coverings, combine the materials.
  7. Ensure that your building is sufficiently fortified by continuing to work on it.
  8. Make sure that any gates you have are locked.
  9. You can place some storage tents and other structures inside your house.

Whenever you get better loot, you can always expand your base and add more amenities. The platform does not matter when it comes to upgrading a base. It is possible to upgrade and expand a building with electricity, guard towers, and other features. An adequately equipped base is much more effective than a simple wall of fences and locks.

With proper fortification, you’ll get a base that won’t be invaded as quickly as one created from scratch. As you’ll see below, some buildings are better than others.

Best Base Building Locations

Some of the best spots for building bases can be found here. You may find some more advantageous than others, depending on your needs and circumstances. Before you settle in, keep these things in mind.

  • Zub Castle

The potential base is a large castle that most people find quickly. The large areas are ideal for stashing loot, and you only need to block the large door. Having only one entrance to the castle, you’ll have an easier time defending it.

  • Pik Koslova

In Pik Koslova, coastal spawning points are nearby, and the wooded area makes it easy to blend in. For fences, you’ll also find it incredibly convenient to chop down trees.

  • Tisy Helipads

Although these helipads are hard to reach, clans will enjoy the high ground and spacious area. It has one long entryway, and defending it isn’t difficult. Near the Northwest Military Base, you can find it.

  • Cherno Apartments

Building a base at the top of an apartment building makes you practically untouchable. Defense is achieved by shooting down a stairwell, which is close to many spawn points. That sounds easy enough.

  • Turovo

Most players have little reason to visit this place since it is near a military base. You can farm a lot of loot, and an evacuation site is nearby. There aren’t many spawn points near here, so you’ll have to move over here.

  • Cherno Island’s Blue Factory

If you lay claim to the island, it is all yours. It is difficult to enter a walled-up building. This is a great place for clans to settle down.

Additional FAQs

How can I make my base unraidable in DayZ?

In 2019, there was a glitch in the game that made bases “unraidable,” but the glitch has been fixed, and bases are no longer “unraidable.”

Where is the best place to build a house in DayZ?

As soon as you fortify the Blue Factory, it becomes hard to access, making it the ideal place for a base. The best bases, however, are those that are difficult to locate. Build bases in the deep woods. There’s a chance that your loot will still be there when you return if you find an incredibly remote spot.

No Intruders Allowed

If you have a sturdy base and powerful weapons, you can survive anything DayZ throws at you. It may not be necessary to establish a base, but settling down with a clan will ensure the security of your loot. Both zombies and enemy players can be protected by bases when playing alone.

Hide in plain sight is sometimes the best course of action. Then you only need a simple base if that works.

Where is your favorite place to build a base? What is the longest period of time your bases have been unlooted? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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