Mouse stuttering in games: Let’s discover how to fix.

Do you notice any mouse stuttering in games when you serve them? Of course, one of the primary concerns for any gamer is the various lag issues. Therefore, one of the primary goals is to resolve such issues if they arise!

A mouse is a helpful tool for smooth navigation while surfing through websites or playing games. Although the keyboard helps you get essential functions and shortcuts. The mouse lets you get a smoother working experience while making convenient use of all the given tasks at the tips of your fingers. Windows 10 users find mouse stuttering most common in games or its navigation. It lets your computer screen halt or freeze completely. The mouse pointer, either left or right, gets even slower than usual, causing its stuttering. It reduces productivity not only in the gaming experience but regular tasks also suffer as well.

Over the last decade, mice have significantly improved their functions in terms of user experience. But the reality says nothing is perfect, and technology still passes the function one way or another. So, it would help if you resolved such mouse stuttering in games whenever you encountered any problem.

The following section delves into the causes and possible solutions to eliminate the mouse stuttering in-game and let you have improved and smoother gameplay.

Why does your mouse stutter in games?

It occurs when mouse movement does not correlate with the cursor or screen movement. It seems to have multiple factors involved in why it stutters in the game. Mouse stuttering in games is one of the major concerns for game lovers.

What issue does it create with mouse stuttering in gameplay?

Before resolving the problem of mouse stuttering in games, it is mandatory to observe critical aspects that help figure out the troubleshooting areas.

  1. Check your mouse.
  2. Check for corrupted or outdated drivers.
  3. Checkout scroll inactive option in Windows 10
  4. In the window audio settings, disable the Realtek Audio process.
  5. Change your delay setting for the mouse
  6. Cortana stutters the mice and lags in operational activities.
  7. Instead of using a 3.0 USB port, use a 2.0 USB port.
  8. Reset the display’s size and layout.
  9. Upgrade your game graphics or lower its settings.

Different ways to fix the mouse stuttering issue

Let’s troubleshoot the problem of mouse stuttering in games if you have it in yours. Mouse lagging in gaming moments is, of course, frustrating, especially amid the most stressful moments where a second lapse could spoil the gaming experience. Unfortunately, it is one of the common issues you get while playing a highly active game. However, you can easily avail various options to resolve such issues thanks to the experts’ efforts in identifying and fixing them.

Check your mouse

Disconnect your mouse to check the issue of mouse stuttering in games thoroughly. Whether any trouble with the mouse creates the performance lag remains to be seen. However, it is essential to test the mouse as some of its models might struggle with lag. You can otherwise use a parallel port to check its performance or functions.

Check for mouse whether its drivers are corrupted or outdated

The mouse is an essential accessory that you frequently need to update with the driver’s help appropriately as you find drivers contributing to the efficient performance of your computer system. The obsolete or corrupt driver lets your mouse performance sluggish or even freeze to perform. In addition, outdated or corrupted drivers seem to adversely impact mouse functions while gaming experience, resulting in mouse stuttering in games.

You might need to upgrade gaming mice on a perpetual basis designed explicitly with their respective drivers. For that reason, if you find lag in the driver corresponds to the mouse, you might not reasonably get the potential performance of your mouse.

You can follow the given step to upgrade the mouse driver. Let learn the process.

  1. Press the “Window  + R” button to get the Window Utility. Run its process.
  2. Type the command: “devmgmt.msc” that will prompt the windows utility screen. Then press the OK to confirm your given command into action.
  3. Press the right click of the mouse to get the pop-up window for updating the driver command screen.
  4. Let check what the given option for driver search is.
  5. As you get it, the automatic window appears for mouse driver update. You need to install it to get your desired result for a smoother mouse prompt.
  6. The prompt screen for driver update appears. As you get your driver update, then you need to restart your computer system.

Checkout scroll inactive option in Windows 10

Windows 10 features a static scroll function that you get in the windows setting option. It makes no sense whether you turn it on or off because it affects how Windows functions work. Instead, it aids in the reduction the mouse stuttering in the system performance.

  1. Click on the notification icon for “All the Settings” in Windows. Next, search for the display icon.
  2. The Display icon is what you get on the settings screen. You can search for the mouse in the display search bar. The mouse will appear on the search results page. Click on the mouse option.
  3. Turn on the option of inactive scroll windows in the mouse setting. The possibility of making it active or inactive seems to appear in the button.
  4. Restart your computer once you change the setting.

Disable Realtek Audio process in Windows audio setting

You can disable the Realtek Audio process in mouse stuttering in the NVIDIA graphic cards process. Considering the methods to deactivate the Realtek audio setting following options are in the subsequent section.

  1. Ctrl+Alt+Del is the command for taking up in the “Task Manager.” Press it to navigate more options in the list.
  2. Click on the “More Details” at the bottom of the window. After that,
  3. You can then search for “Realtek HD Audio Manager” in the background list.
  4. Click on the “Task Completion” or “End task” in the right bottom corner. Next, you need to check for mouse functionality that you can fix it.

Change your delay setting for the mouse

Touchpad sensitivity adjustment can resolve mouse stuttering in gameplay. Moreover, it helps you get a fruitful response. If your mouse is lagging or has an issue with the mouse cursor’s freezing, then try to change the delay setting. Try adjusting your mouse sensitivity by using the following steps.

  1. Click on the setting option in the start button.
  2. Click on the devices as you can find in the setting menu. You ought to check your i
  3. Find your touchpad on the left panel of the setting menu.
  4. Click on the touchpad tab to open its feature of touchpad sensitivity.
  5. Adjust it according to your ideal settings. It has four different options for touchpad sensitivity. Low, medium, high, and most sensitive touchpad sensitivity options will let you make the right choice to overcome the glitches in the system.
  6. You should check your options to get no delay once you ensure the mouse is in the proper working state.

Cortana stutter the mice and lag operational activities

Cortana is a Microsoft virtual assistant specifically designed to help beginners learn different features in Windows. Windows familiars, as well as other familiars, can get additional benefits from its constant assistance regularly. As for people familiar with Windows, Cortana could be more annoying. People usually feel dubious about creating lagging problems in the system’s performance. Mouse stuttering in games and lagging could result from its active participation in the system operations. You can deal with the following steps that will help you turn off Cortana.

  1. Navigate the taskbar and select Cortana
  2. Click on the Navigate menu.
  3. Go through the Main menu to let Cortana talk to you.
  4. You can turn off Cortana features to hide its services. “Hide Cortana” is another option you can use to hide the Cortana as well. After that, you can test your mouse for its latency or stuttering operations.

Instead of using a 3.0 USB port, use a 2.0 USB port.

You can check your USB port if your system seems to be working fine and no apparent issues are apparent with your computer system. Try to search for any problems with the USB 3.0 interface, as most USBs have a 2.0 port. You can use a different USB port if you have a wired mouse. Most of the mice have the same port version, but some discrepancies may occur due to the port change in the different versions. That may cause the mouse stuttering in games experience. You can plug it into the appropriate USB port to run it smoothly.

Reset Display scale and layout

Mouse stuttering in games is generally the outcome of setting a high-resolution display in the Windows interface. The laptop usually lacks such advanced features in some of the processes yet delivers high-definition graphics. Unfortunately, it not only scales the resolution to make screen text easier to read, but it also lags behind the performance of the previous processor when displaying the high-definition image.

The screen scaling setting helps increase the text size of apps and other items in the window to be visible and easy to read. If you want to use high definition, it is a valuable tool on small screen devices. You can quickly turn off the high-definition resolution if you are willing to reduce the performance lags or mouse stuttering in games operational activities.

 First, click on the right mouse button to get the main menu for changing its screen resolution.

  1. Then go to the display settings option to find the slider for the resolution scale easily.
  2. Scale it down to 100%. After changing it, you need to restart the computer.
  3. As soon as you continue it, your mouse will start working smoother, whether you operate any window function or play any game.

Upgrade your game graphics or lower its settings.

Another possible cause of mouse stuttering in games performance can be the limited capacity of the processor, graphics cards, or memory. If such is the case, then you will have a poor gaming experience with glitches in graphics. The ultimate objective for improving performance without any glitches could be to upgrade hardware. Meeting the game’s minimum specifications is easier said than done. Some may offer to preset it to lower graphic settings. Begin by configuring it with a lower visual environment, then update to accommodate a visually pleasing appearance that does not glitch your system or stutter your mouse in the game.


why is my mouse stuttering in games?

The terrible mouse lag issue is the arch-nemesis of many Windows 10 users. Mouse stuttering is the delay in its physical movement or its cursor movement on-screen. When you move your mouse it occurs, and the pointer appears to lag by a second. It even leaps about from time to time as it tries to keep up. It can make regular computer work seem like a hassle. When your mouse begins to lag, the first and most crucial thing you should do is keep track of whether anything changed around the same time the problem began. You could be experiencing sluggish performance due to a variety of factors. For that reason, connection problems that you suffer from wired mice or wired mice happen to encounter stuttering in games.
Another issue could sound trivial, but with the wireless mouse, you can have depleted batteries. Try replacing depleted batteries and checking them frequently. Due to the sluggish performance of your computer system, you may find your mouse stuttering in games. It may contain various components, such as a processor, graphics cards, or memory cards. From poor connection to device issues, mouse lag reduces the productivity that you might need to fix.

I can’t figure out why the mouse is stuttering in games?

If you’re not sure why your mouse is stuttering so much in the game, plug in a second mouse, preferably one that is connected, and see whether the cursor still lags. Replace the batteries in your wireless mouse if changing the mouse solves the problem. Try to look for other alternatives that would help you get your system’s performance smoother. Some of the methods being considered could be hardware changes. We should recommend testing for computer system hardware that could be creating problems. Check to see if the sensor is clean and if the mouse is in good physical condition. If the mouse does not appear to be the problem, reinstall the mouse drivers. Look for driver upgrades for your mouse.
A gaming mouse with an outdated or corrupted driver could be the reason for such a problem. Ensure that you have the most up-to-date drivers installed. Gaming mice include a dedicated driver that ensures the mouse device’s optimal performance. Check your system drivers to see if they’re up to date, or roll back recent driver updates to see if that’s the problem. Your system can install the default driver to work for your mouse device, but it causes a latency problem in the mouse that could restrict your mouse performance.

Windows 10 stuttering when moving the mouse quickly in games?

Before we start fiddling with the window, make sure the mouse is in good working order. This latency issue can emerge overnight after a Windows update has been installed, in my experience. Try reverting the upgrade or using system restore to get back to where the mouse was working properly. From there, we started hitting solutions that, if I’m being honest, many people swear by to repair their mouse stuttering in games problems on the internet. And while they may work for you, no one knows why they work at the times they do.

How to Fix the Issue of Mouse Stuttering a lot in Games?

You’ve got a fair warning! As a result, one typical recommendation is to turn off the feature of scrolling inactive windows. It allows you to scroll over the content of a window even if it isn’t chosen when lingering over it. To discover the setting, put “scroll inactive windows” into the search box.

How to Stop Mouse Stuttering in Games Windows 10?

Window 10 has different features that could cause mouse stuttering in games. The potential concern appears to stem from Windows 10’s fast startup function. In the Windows 10 search bar, type “power and sleep settings,” then click “additional power settings,” “choose what the power buttons do,” “settings that are currently unavailable,” uncheck “fast startup,” and save your adjustments. Another alternative is to use the device manager to disable the Realtek audio process. It only pertains to those who have Realtek sound, but since this affects many PCs, it’s worth looking into if you have one. If nothing else seems to be working, you may always reinstall Windows. It doesn’t mean you have to lose your settings or information these days. Whenever I’ve had a mouse lag problem in Windows, a system refresh has always fixed the problem.


You can get the idea of all the steps in a nutshell that would help you smoothen your gameplay using the mouse. Let us look at some of the quick rundowns that we have covered already.

  1. Try to keep your mouse device free from dust and dirt on your mousepad, table, and even mouse sensor, which should hopefully prevent your mouse cursor stutter.
  2. Outdated or corrupted drivers could also result in increased mouse latency or stuttering in games.
  3. Touchpad sensitivity could also limit touchpad functionality.
  4. The fast startup allows your computer to load up faster, but it can reduce the efficiency of your mouse.
  5. You can fix issues with a new update by rolling back a driver update.
  6. You can replace your wireless mice batteries to overcome mouse stuttering in games.
  7. You can reduce mouse stuttering in games by switching USB ports on a corded mouse.

Mouse stuttering in games can be both uncomfortable and aggravating. It can cause micro stuttering, slow down your frame rate, throw off timing at critical times, and even result in the loss of entire game rounds. We hope that one of the solutions listed above will assist you in resolving your mouse stuttering in games.

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