How To Clear Recently Watched In Disney Plus

There are many streaming services available, but Disney Plus is one of the most popular. Featuring an extraordinary collection of movies, shows, and documentaries at a low price, it offers something for everyone. You can view a record of shows and movies you’ve watched on most streaming services.

There is no Recently Watched section on Disney Plus. As a result, there is no record of what you have watched. There is no option to delete content in Disney Plus’ Continue Watching section.

If you are concerned that someone will see something you’ve watched, it will be in the Watchlist or Continue Watching section. Using this article, you will be able to control all the titles you’ve previously watched.

Can You Clear the Recently Watched List on Disney Plus?

There is currently no viewing history section or option to delete your watch history on Disney+, unlike Hulu or Netflix. Disney+, like other platforms, recommends content based on your past choices, which is particularly unfortunate.

If you can’t remove a viewing history from Disney+, what can you do to customize your selections? The sections below outline all of the options for deleting recently watched videos.

Set Up a Secondary Profile

You might want to watch a show you don’t want others to know about, or you might not want Disney Plus to make recommendations based on your watch history. We will need to create and delete a profile since we can’t delete our recently watched titles.

The main profile on your Disney Plus account, however, cannot be deleted. As a result, you’ll need to create a temporary one that you can delete later. The watch history associated with a deleted profile is deleted as well.

Following these steps is the best way to remove recently watched titles:

  1. Sign into your Disney Plus account. You can then add a profile by tapping the + Add Profile button.
  2. Add a profile picture and a name to your profile. In the upper right corner, click Done.
  3. Select the content you’d like to watch. On the home page, click Edit Profiles to clear a profile’s history.
  4. On the profile you used to watch titles, click the pen icon.
  5. Click on Delete Profile at the bottom of the page.

Delete your recently watched history and no longer worry about irrelevant suggested titles.

Remove Watchlist Content

In spite of the “Recently Watched” list being added, the company has yet to add a deletion option. However, you can delete items from your Watchlist. In order to distinguish between the two, you must add items to your Watchlist that you may want to watch later. You can easily search for the content you want to watch (especially if you have kids who watch the same movie over and over).

You can remove content from your Watchlist by following these steps:

  1. Go to Disney Plus’ Watchlist at the top of the interface when you launch it on your device.
  2. Click the “Checkmark” button in the corner of the thumbnail of the item you want to remove. You will be able to remove it from your list this way.

Most of the time, this will work, but it may occasionally glitch, preventing you from removing an item. It may take a few tries, but eventually it will work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Plus is a fantastic streaming service that can compete with other streaming services. If you didn’t learn everything you wanted to know above, keep reading.

How do I find my watch history on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus does not allow you to view your watch history. In the Continue Watching section, you’ll find most titles you’ve played; your recently watched content only serves as recommendations. The result is that you won’t be able to view every item you’ve watched in the past.

Will Disney Plus ever give us the option to delete our watch history?

Sadly, the company hasn’t indicated that the feature is in the works. Alternatively, you can request a Recently Watched category by completing the Give Feedback Form.

By filling out this form, we hope that Disney Plus developers will eventually include the feature if enough users request it.

Why does Disney+ keep showing the content I’ve finished in Continue Watching?

Disney Plus isn’t free of glitches, and reappearing content is no exception. There’s not much you can do if you’ve watched a title all the way through the credits and it doesn’t disappear.

Some users have reported success with closing and reopening the app. The title will eventually disappear.

A Relatively Smooth Start for Disney Plus

Despite some interface issues, Disney Plus is off to a pretty good start. It may become one of the biggest streaming services in the future due to the amount of classic Disney content it already offers and the amount of new movies and TV shows it will release.

Do you have any issues since the launch? Did you manage to edit your Recently Watched list? Which Disney movies and TV shows are your favorites? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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